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Handmade Jarrah and Silky Oak Box

Item # CB125

This beautiful box is made with West Australian Jarrah timber and the top veneered with a lovely panel of Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) which originates from northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.

The lid is hinged such that it stops at just over 90 degrees.

The inner base and tray is lined with an attractive stone coloured faux suede® fabric. The tray is divided into two sections with a large open space beneath it.

Beautifully hand-finished with traditional shellac and carnauba wax. Its measurements are 255 mm x 160 mm and is 105 mm high.

Suitable for any number of different storage needs and equally suited to a man or woman.

Handmade Box
Jarrah and Silky Oak
by Chris Busby


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