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Tea Light Candle Safety

General Safety Tips

  • Ensure children and animals are a safe distance from candles, incense and oil burners.
  • Only use candles, incense and oil burners on stable, non-combustible surfaces.
  • Keep curtains and other combustibles away from open flames at all times.
  • Never leave an open flame unattended.
  • Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children.
  • always extinguish candles, incense and oil burners before leaving home or going to sleep.

Candle Safety

  • Always use a candleholder specifically designed for candle use.
  • Never remove tea light candles from their metal holder, they are essential to minimise heat transfer and to collect melted wax.
  • Candle holders should be heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to catch and contain any drips or melted wax.
  • candles should not be burnt for long periods of time
  • candles should only be burnt in a draft free area.
  • never move a lit or recently extinguished candle. The hot, melted wax, as well as the flame itself, can cause serious burns.
  • always follow the manufacturers instructions when using a candle.

Oil Burners/Incense

  • do not touch or move an oil burner when lit.
  • keep combustible items away from a lit oil burner or incense.
  • never allow an oil burner to boil dry.
  • ensure your oil burner and or incense has adequate ventilation when in use.
  • keep incense away from open windows or areas that are exposed to a draft.
  • never burn incense inside closets or have anything hanging above burning incense.

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