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'Retro' Rollerball Pen in Green Pearl Resin and Rhodium

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Model:'Retro' Rollerball Pen
Body:'Green Pearl Resin
Plating: Rhodium
Refill Type:eg. Schmidt® 5888
Presentation:Faux leather case included
Approximate size:135 x 16mm and 48 grams
Weight without cap:26 grams

About Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens, like fountain pens, use a water based ink than flows significantly easier than the thick oil based ink of a ballpoint pen. Rollerballs, therefore, provide a smoother and more comfortable writing experience. .

But, rollerball refills will not last as long as ballpoints and the ink may "bleed" with certain types of paper. Also the ink does not dry immediately so smudging is possible.

About This Design

The 'Retro' rollerball and fountain pens are built on the same bodies as the Jr Gentlemen's range. The 'Retro' features differently styled clip, centreband and end-cap to differentiate it. This design does 'post'.

The cap finial and centreband have a slightly flared shape and the cap insert and centreband ring are black rather than the gold featured on the Jr Gentlemen's.

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