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'Polaris' style Ballpoint Pen in Woody Pear Timber

The 'Polaris' design has been around for many years, and with good reason. It is an attractive pen that is well balanced and a pleasure to write with.

The single streamlined barrel perfectly displays the attractive timbers used in their construction.

They are supplied in an attractive presentation case and are fitted with a Parker© style refill. A story card describing the product is also provided.

Approximate specifications for these 'Polaris' pens are:

  • 125 mm long
  • 13 mm in diameter
  • weight of 38 grams


Polaris Ballpoint Pen in Woody Pear Timber

With Satin Chrome fittings

$40.00 each

ABOUT WOODY PEAR (Xylomelum occidentale)

Woody pear is generally a small tree growing to 5 to 8 m tall, with a short bole that can occasionally reach 30 cm in diameter.

The large woody fruit is pear shaped, hence the common name. Heartwood is a dark reddish colour with a decorative figure and the sapwood a contrasting pale cream colour.

The tree is not commercially harvested.

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