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Handmade Ballpoint Pens - 'Executive' style in Olive Wood

The Executive ballpoint pen is a very stylish single barrel pen that size-wise is perfectly suited to both men and women, and large enough to really show-off a nice piece of timber.

They are supplied in an attractive presentation case and are fitted with a Parker© style refill. A story card describing the product is also provided.

They are available with their metal components plated in a combination of gold and chrome or two tone chrome as shown below.

The'Executive' pen is approximately 135 mm long x 14 mm in diameter and weighs 40 grams.

A great gift idea that is handmade in Australia

Available with their metal work plated in either gold and chrome or two tone chrome as shown below.

Gold and Chrome fittings

Two Tone Chrome fittings


Executive Ballpoint Pen in Olive Wood

Gold and Chrome components

$40.00 each

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Executive Ballpoint Pen in Olive Wood

Two Tone Chrome components

$40.00 each

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About This Olive Wood (Olea europaea)

I obtained this timber several years ago from tree pruning in my local area.

There are several subspecies and hundreds of cultivars of Olea europaea and the fruit harvested from the trees are the source of olive oil. Because of the fruit’s economic importance, healthy, cultivated Olive trees are not harvested for lumber. The availability of timber is generally limited to pruned branches, trimmings, and damaged orchard trees.

Common uses of the timber when available are high-end furniture, veneer, turned objects, and small specialty wood items.

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