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Sheoak Box With a Removeable Tray

Item #881-S1

These boxes are handcrafted in either Jarrah or Sheoak and are made by Christian Rendtorff in Western Australia.

They are the perfect gift for either a man or women and a great storage solution for any collection of smaller items.

The inner base, and that of the tray, is lined with suede leather. The external base is covered with a felt material to protect any surface it is placed on.

Approximate dimensions are 220 x 160 x 90 mm. The box pictured is the actual box you will receive.

Box in West Australian Sheoak Timber
with removable tray

$175.00 each

This item qualifies for free postage within Australia.
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West Australian Sheoak (Allocasuarina fraseriana)

Colour dark red to brown with yellow sapwood and prominent medullary rays. Sheoak has been used for items such as roof shingles and until the advent of the aluminium cask it was a favoured species for beer barrels.

It is now widely used for decorative woodwork, turnery and flooring. Exclusive to Western Australia in limited quantities.

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