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Jarrah and Huon Pine Box. A Great Gift Idea.

Item # CB150

Handmade in Western Australia by Chris Busby. The box features a very attractive Jarrah case with an equally beautiful Tasmanian Huon Pine veneered lid panel. Huon Pine is a rare and very desirable timber.

The box inner base and tray is lined with teal coloured upholstery fabric that will prove as long-lasting as it is attractive.

Decorative corner keys in a contrasting timber enhance the very attractive Jarrah case.

The lid is hinged such that it stops at just over 90 degrees and the overall dimensions of the box are 250 x 155 x 100 mm in height.

The box pictured is the one being purchased.

Jarrah and Huon Pine Box
Handmade in Western Australia


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HUON PINE Lagarostrobos franklinii)

Huon pine is one of the slowest-growing and longest living plants in the world and can grow to an age of 3,000 years or more.

The tree is wholly protected and cannot be felled. However, wood on the forest floor remains usable and is highly prized, not least because of its sweet aroma which is the result of an oil that also preserves the timber.

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