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Our Most Popular Corporate Gift - 'Executive' Pen in Jarrah

Our most popular corporate gift by a significant margin. Pens are not only attractive and functional gifts but also provide a continual reminder of the individual or organisation that gave it.

The Executive ballpoint pen is a very stylish single barrel pen that size-wise is perfectly suited to both men and women, and large enough to really show-off a nice piece of timber.

They are supplied in an attractive presentation case and are fitted with a Parker© style refill. A story card describing the product is also provided.

Available with their metal components plated in a combination of gold and chrome or two tone chrome as shown below.

Approximate specifications are 135mm long x 14mm in diameter and weighing 40 grams.

Available with their metal work plated in either gold and chrome or two tone chrome as shown below.

Gold and Chrome fittings

Two Tone Chrome fittings


Executive Ballpoint Pen in Jarrah

Gold and Chrome components

$40.00 each

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Executive Ballpoint Pen in Jarrah

Two Tone Chrome components

$40.00 each

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About Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata)

One of the commonest and best known trees of Western Australia growing up to 40 metres in height. It is the principal hardwood tree harvested in WA and is a richly coloured and attractively grained timber that remains extremely popular for flooring, furniture, craftwork and panelling.

Due to its hardness and resistance to insect attack, including termites, it was previously widely used in the construction of homes for roof and wall framing and was also turned into thousands and thousands of railway sleepers that were used around the world, as well as being used in bridge and wharf construction. Interestingly too, Jarrah blocks were used as paving in cities such as London and Berlin, particularly near hospitals and affluent homes to reduce the noise created by horse drawn vehicles on cobblestones.

It is an important contributor to the honey industry and was initially called 'Swan River Mahogany' by European settlers.

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