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'Ultra Cigar' Pen in Jarrah, Gold and Chrome with Celtic Knots

Hand made Ballpoint Pen hand crafted Pen in Jarrah with celtic knots Faux leather pen case

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Model:'Ultra Cigar' Ballpoint
Body:Jarrah with Celtic Knots
Plating:Chrome and Gold
Refill Type:Parker® style
Presentation:Faux leather case included
Approximate size:140 x 16mm and 54 grams
$75.00 each

About This Pen

Here I have embellished the Jarrah with a Celtic ring in contrasting Oak on each of the barrels.

The work involved in creating these knots is time consuming as each line is formed individually and its glue allowed to fully dry before moving on to the next.

About This Design

The 'Ultra Cigar' ballpoint pen is a more ornate and imposing version of the standard 'Cigar' and features more decorative detail to the nib, centreband and end finial.

Metal components are plated in a combination of Chromium and Gold.

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