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Handmade Storage Box for 10 Watches

Item # CB151

Handmade in Western Australia by Chris Busby. The box features a very attractive Jarrah case with an equally beautiful Camphor Laurel veneered panel to the lid which shows some very nice quilting figure.

The inner base of this single level box is covered with suede upholstery fabric and divided into 10 sections. Each section is supplied with an individual watch pillow.

The pillows are easily removed if fewer watches are stored and compartments can be used to accommodate other items of jewellery.

The lid is hinged such that it stops at just over 90 degrees and the overall dimensions of the box are 310 x 255 x 85mm in height.

The box pictured is the one being purchased.

Jarrah and Camphor Laurel Watch Box
Handmade in Western Australia


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CAMPHOR LAUREL (Cinnamomum camphora)

This tree is not a native to Australia and was introduced from Asia around the 1850’s. The timber is extremely popular in craft work due to its beautiful colour, figure and aromatic nature.

It is also popular with cabinetmakers for drawer bases etc. due to its insect repellent properties.

JARRAH (Eucalyptus marginata)

With its beautiful rich colours, interesting grain and occasional gum veins, Jarrah remains one of the world’s most desirable and sought after hardwoods.

The tree grows to 40 metres in height only in the south west corner of Western Australia.

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