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'Imperial' Fountain Pen in Black Marble Resin

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Model:'Imperial' Fountain Pen
Body:Black Marble Resin
Plating:Rhodium and 22k Gold
Refill Type:Converter Supplied
Presentation:Faux leather case included
Approximate size:145 x 16.5mm and 70 grams
Weight without cap:38 grams

Long a symbol of good fortune, the Imperial design features hand-carved bamboo patterns on both finials, the clip and the two accent rings. The components are plated in bright and brushed Rhodium with 22k gold accents, these components are individually hand cast and polished. The Imperial pen exudes quality and elegance.

About Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Shown in the adjacent image are a few ink storage options for fountain pens. At the front is the twist converter supplied with my pens fitted to the feed and grip section of a 'Jr Gentlemen's' pen.

At the back are disposable cartridges which can also be used, and in the middle another converter which is an aluminium bodied bladder type. All are a press fit.

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