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'Cigar' Ballpoint Pen in Faux Horn Resin and Chrome

Hand made Ballpoint Pen hand crafted Pen in Faux Horn resin Faux leather pen case

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Model:'Cigar' Ballpoint
Body:Faux Horn Resin
Refill Type:Parker® style
Presentation:Faux leather case included
Approximate size:140 x 16mm and 54 grams
$60.00 each

About This Resin

Another resin from the UK, 'Faux Horn' is intended to replicate the colours and patterns of animal horn. This resin works particularly well with the Gold components.

I only have enough to make a few more pens.

About This Design

The 'Cigar' ballpoint pen is a larger more masculine looking design that makes an excellent gift. It has a smooth two way twist action and uses the readily available Parker® type refill.

The two barrel design perfectly shows off the material from which it is made.

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