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'Polaris' Ballpoint Pen in Camphor Laurel and Satin Chrome

Hand made Ballpoint Pen hand crafted Camphor Laurel Pen Faux leather pen case

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Model:'Polaris' Ballpoint
Body:Woody Pear (Xylomelum occidentale)
Plating:Satin Chrome
Refill Type:Parker® style
Presentation:Faux leather case included
Approximate size:125 x 13mm and 38 grams
$45.00 each

Woody Pear (Xylomelum occidentale)

Woody pear is generally a small tree growing to 5 to 8 metres tall, with a short bole that can occasionally reach 30 centimetres in diameter. The large woody seed pods are pear shaped, hence the common name.

Heartwood is a dark reddish colour with very prominant medullary rays.

About This Design

The 'Polaris' model is a very well sized and balanced pen that features a long single barrel that displays the timber to maximum effect.

The knurled finial controls the twist mechanism and the satin chrome is very attractive.

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