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Sedona Fountain Pen in Black Mulga and Gold Titanium

Beautiful Fountain Pen Handcrafted Fountain Pen Australian Made Fountain Pen Faux leather pen case

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Model:'Sedona' Fountain Pen
Body:Black Mulga (Acacia citrinoviridis)
Olive Wood Segment
Plating:Gold Titanium
Refill Type:Converter supplied
Presentation:Faux leather case included
Approximate size:130 x 15mm and 46 grams
Weight without cap:24 grams

Black Mulga (Acacia citrinoviridis)

Also known as River Jam, Milhan or Wantan, Black Mulga is a small tree endemic to the North West of Western Australia. Like a lot of desert species, the timber is particularly dense and hard and is rarely available in dimensions larger than 75 or 100 millimetres wide and 500 millimetres long.

A very attractive accent timber and examples of its use are as knife handles, pens and other small decorative craft work including inlay. It has also been used in musical instruments for fret boards

This pen has a small angled segment of Olive wood at the top of the cap to provide an interesting and eye-catching feature. It works beautifully with the luxurious high quality Gold Titaniium metal components.

The pen is supplied with an international standard press fit converter for use with bottled inks. The converter can be easily removed to enable the use of disposable cartridges if preferred

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