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Jarrah and Walnut Document Box - Made in Western Australia

Item # CB131

This beautiful box is made with West Australian Jarrah timber, Western Australia's best known hardwood that is beautifully coloured and frequently features gum veins. The lid has been constructed with bookmatched Walnut veneer and is hinged such that it stops at just over 90 degrees.

The inner base is lined with an attractive 'stone' coloured suede fabric. The large open space fits A4 size documents with finger room all around.

Beautifully hand-finished with traditional shellac and carnauba wax. Its measurements are 380 mm x 265 mm and is 95 mm high.

Suitable for any number of different storage needs and equally suited to a man or woman.

Handmade Document Box
In Jarrah and Walnut
by Chris Busby


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About Veneering

Wood Veneer to some people conjures up memories of old wardrobes and the like with peeling veneered surfaces. Those problems certainly do not apply to my boxes or any other responsibly and carefully crafted piece today.

Before modern sheet materials were available, veneer substrates usually tended to be low grade solid wood that was subject to seasonal movement which adversely affected the veneered surface. Clearly too, products were being produced in huge quantities for the residential market to a price rather than a standard.

I fit my veneers to high quality MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) which is perfectly flat and absolutely stable. Combined with modern adhesives that produce bonds stronger than solid timber, such veneers are never going to separate or deteriorate under normal conditions.

Imporatantly too, the use of veneers is far more environmetally responsible especially with rare, highly figured or expensive timbers. Converting a solid board of rare or particularly beautiful timber or burl to multiple sheets of veneer is so obviously the most responsible way to use it.

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