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White Oak Personal Effects Box

White Oak Personal Effects Box

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White Oak Personal Effects Box White Oak Valet Box White Oak Personal Effects Box
White Oak Personal Effects Box

Product Code # 2734

Handcrafted in Western Australia by Gene Treanor.

Features include a stunning Starburst patterned lid and a traditional "Laurencekirk" wooden hinge.

It also features hand marbled paper to the inner lid and Burgundy suede lining to the inner base.

Its dimensions are:

The box pictured is the actual box you will receive.

The wooden hinge on this box was first developed in Scotland in the nineteenth century by a man called James Sandy. Its use was adopted by Charles Stiven, himself a highly skilled craftsman in Laurencekirk, Scotland.

Stiven used the hinge to such an extent that any type of box using the hinge became known as a "Laurencekirk Box".

Stiven's boxes are now highly prized antiques, and nearly two hundred years after they were created, the hinges work perfectly.

Personal Effects Box
in White Oak

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