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Soft Grip Twist Ballpoint pen in Jarrah and Chrome


An attractive and contemporary style that features a soft silicone grip area to the pens and pencil that is matched with bright chromium finish to the metal components.

The Click ballpoint uses a Parker® style refill and the Twist ballpoint uses a Cross® style refill. Both types are readily available around the world.

They are individually supplied in a velour sleeve and with a timber story card.

"Soft Grip" Twist Ballpoint Pen in Jarrah and Chrome

$25.00 each


soft Grip ballpoint pen in Jarrah and chrome
"Soft Grip "
Click Ballpoint Pen
$ 25.00 each

Soft Grip Letter Opener
"Soft Grip" Letter Opener
in Jarrah and Chrome
$22.00 each

Soft Grip Design Propelling Pencil
"Soft Grip" Jarrah and
Chrome Propelling Pencil
$ 29.50 each


Add to the appeal of your gift or make up your own sets (eg. pen & pencil or pen & letter opener) with one of the optional pen cases shown below.

The black faux leather case is very attractive and well priced. The interior features a white satin lined lid and the base is padded black velour with a restraining strap.  Importantly it is the only one of the cases that is big enough to accommodate the Round Top Letter Opener which is too long for either of the Jarrah case options.

Economical pen case Economical pen case
Faux Leather Pen Case
$6.00 each

Solid Jarrah pen case Solid Jarrah pen case
Jarrah Single Pen Case
$26.50 each

Jarrah pen case fits two pens Wooden Pen case
Jarrah Double Pen Case
$26.50 each

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