A Weather Station as a Gift is a Great Idea

How to Calibrate a Barometer

How to Calibrate a Barometer

The barometers used in our weather stations are designed to give you accurate air pressure readings from sea level to an altitude of 7000 feet.

Before leaving the factory it was calibrated to standard air pressure at sea level. For your barometer to give you optimum results, you will have to recalibrate it to your local barometric pressure before use.

Locate your barometer in an area where it will remain undisturbed. Do not position it in direct sunlight, as this could cause inaccurate readings. You need to calibrate your barometer to your location. This can be done by getting the pressure from a local radio or television station. Use a small slotted screwdriver to turn the small screw on the back of the barometer case to adjust your barometer until the black pressure indicator hand points to a reading that corresponds to your known local barometric pressure. Your barometer has now been calibrated.

For daily operation of your barometer, place the Gold pointer attached to the lens directly over the black pressure indicator hand. This will allow you to measure any change in pressure that may have taken place. It is the amount of change in pressure and the rate of that change that will be an indicator of the weather.

The following basic rules apply in using the barometer to predict weather conditions:

A Weather Station makes a Beautiful and Functional Gift

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