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Australian Made Pewter Wombat Figurines


Our Australian made pewter is the highest quality and boasts beautiful detail in the casting and strict attention to quality in the hand finishing.

Pewter items are supplied with written authentication of their Australian manufacture and are nicely packaged.

No other Australian manufacturer has the experience, the range, or the quality of detail and finish. This Perth based manufacturer is also Australia's premier supplier of military, educational and corporate pewter such as medallions, belt buckles and key rings etc.

Animal figurines are supplied in a velour drawstring pouch.
Pewter Wombat Souvenir Figurines
Pewter Wombat
Item #195
45 mm long
Was $15.50 - Now $10.50 each

The wombat is a short-legged, muscular marsupial around 1 metre in length and weighing between 20 and 35kg. They dig extensive burrow systems and have a backward facing pouch for the young - an arrangement that prevents dirt filling the pouch while the wombat is digging.

Wombats are herbivores; their diets consist mostly of grasses, sedges, herbs, bark, and roots. Their incisor teeth somewhat resemble those of rodents such as rats and mice etc. being adapted for gnawing tough vegetation.

Female wombats give birth to a single young in the spring, after a gestation period, which like all marsupials can vary, in the case of the wombat: 20–21 days. The young leave the pouch after about 6 to 7 months. Wombats are weaned after 15 months, and are sexually mature at 18 months.
Source - Wikipedia

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