Jarrah Letter Opener in the Shape of a Gum Leaf

Jarrah Gum Leaf Shaped Letter Opener

Letter Opener

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Letter Opener in Jarrah Jarrah Letter Opener
Gum Leaf Shaped Letter Opener in Jarrah Timber

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In West Australian Jarrah they are crafted to the shape of a gum leaf.

A uniquely Australian gift these letter openers have a shellac and wax finish.

Beautifully tactile, their overall length is 175 mm.

(Eucalyptus marginata)

With its beautiful rich colours, interesting grain and occasional gum veins, Jarrah remains one of the world’s most desirable and sought after hardwoods.
The tree grows to a majestic 40 metres in height only in the south west corner of Western Australia.

Gum Leaf Shape Letter Opener
in Jarrah
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