Larger Natural Edge Banksia Desk Box

Natural Edge Box in Banksia Timber

Banksia Timber Box

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General Purpose Box in Banksia Timber with Natural Edge

Product Code # 2789

A beautiful box ideal for the desk featuring a natural edge lid that gives it lots of character.

Banksia timber has magnificent feature with great colour variation and extensive medullary ray pattern.

The interior base is lined with suede leather. The underside of the box is also lined to protect the surface it is placed on.

Its measurements are 240 mm long, 190 mm wide and is 60 mm high

Its internal dimensions are 215 x 145 x40 mm

Status:  SOLD.


Banksia trees are characterised by leathery leaves and large candle-like spikes of yellow flowers. Several of the Banksia species (most notably ‘Bull Banksia’ (Banksia grandis)) produce a very attractive timber with prominent medullary rays in various shades of red.

Banksia Box with Natural Edge
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