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Jarrah Jewellery Box with a Tray

Item # CB106

This beautiful box measures 220 x 145 mm and is 90 mm high.

The tray is divided into two compartments as is the section below the tray. There is burgundy coloured lining to both the inner base of the box and also the tray.

The lid is solid Jarrah and beautifully figured, additionally the lid has very subtle shaping to make it slightly domed.

It also features genuine solid brass Brusso® stop butt hinges that only allow the lid to open just beyond 90 degrees.

Australian Made Jewellery Box Australian Jewellery Box Handmade in Western Australia A beautiful and unique jarrah Jewellery box A luxurious gift

Jarrah Jewellery Box
by Chris Busby


Indicative price: $295.00

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Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata)

Jarrah is found only on lateritic soils in south-west Western Australia, in the 650 to 1250 mm rainfall zone. Under optimum conditions it is a tall tree attaining 30 to 40 m in height with diameter at breast height up to 2 metres.

Heartwood of mature trees is dark-red, although regrowth is pinkish-red, while sapwood is pale yellow. The texture of the wood is relatively coarse but even, with the grain slightly interlocked and sometimes producing a fiddleback figure.

Jarrah is the major timber species in Western Australia, major uses for Jarrah are for joinery and furniture, panelling and flooring, although in the past the timber was used extensively for general construction, sleepers, poles and piles. In the 19th century it was widely used for cobbles.

Source: Forest Products Commission, Western Australia.

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