A sleek contemporary styled pen that is as functional a gift as it is unique

El Grande Design Rollerball and Fountain Pens


A very elegant and traditionally styled larger instrument available as either a rollerball or fountain pen. The metal components are finished in luxurious Titanium Gold or Platinum

The El Grande design is made on the same barrels as the Churchill but is a more contemporary style with flat finials and a different centre-band and clip. It is slightly lighter in weight than the Churchill

Its specifications are:

Sandalwood Fountain Pen
"El Grande" Rollerball Pen
Sandalwood & Gold Titanium
$105.00 each

El Grande Fountain Pen
"El Grande" Fountain Pen
Malachite Resin
$105.00 each

Jarrah Rollerball Pen
"El Grande" Rollerball Pen
Jarrah & Gold Titanium
$105.00 each

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