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This Beautiful and Unique Box is a Great Gift Idea

Natural Edge Box in Marri Timber

Marri Trinket Box

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General Purpose Box in Marri Timber with Natural Edge

Product Code # 2786

A beautiful little box featuring a natural edge lid that gives it lots of character.

Marri timber is unique to Western Australia where it is commonly know as "Redgum" due to the colour of the resin the trees exude. This gum dries black which gives this beautiful timber its distinctive gum vein feature.

The interior base is lined with suede leather. The underside of the box is also lined to protect the surface it is placed on.

Its measurements are:

Status: Available now. You will be buying the box pictured.

MARRI (Corymbia calophylla)

A light coloured hardwood unique to Western Australia. Usually contains gum veins, and is commonly known in WA as ‘Redgum’. When converted to lumber, the gum dries black and provides a unique feature to this warm honey coloured timber

Marri Box with Natural Edge

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