Handcrafted Fountain Pen in Faux Horn Resin

"Retro" Fountain Pen in Faux Horn Resin and Rhodium

Beautiful Fountain Pen

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Hand Made Fountain Pen Resin Fountain Pen
"Retro" Fountain Pen

The Retro design is a sleek contemporary style in either a Rollerball or Fountain Pen with metal components finished in luxurious Rhodium. These platings are extremely hard-wearing, high quality and very attractive.

The pen is fitted with an international standard connection and a converter for use with bottled inks. The converter is easily removed if the use of disposable cartridges is preferred.

This pen may be 'posted', ie. the cap can be fitted to the end of the main barrel while in use.

Provided in an attractive presentation case and with a 'story' card. Its specifications are:

This Faux Horn resin is imported from the UK and is intended to replicate the look of animal horn.

Handcrafted in Western Australia by Chris Busby

This is a very stylish instrument and will appeal to any connoisseur of fine pens. It is a good size and weight and is beautifully balanced. The Rhodium plating is high quality and very attractive.

Retro Fountain Pen
Faux Horn Resin & Rhodium
AU $105.00 each

I am happy to make any combination of style and timber or resin to order, assuming the availability of the necessary materials. Please email us with your requirements. Our email address is shown at the top of all pages of the website.

These pens and accessories can be provided in quantities to suit corporate orders. Australian corporate clients can request a 30 day account to facilitate prompt delivery and payment by a preferred method such as direct deposit or cheque.

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