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Jr Gentlemen's Fountain Pen in Sheoak timber and Gold Titanium

Beautiful Sheoak Fountain Pen Beautiful Fountain Pen Beautiful Sheoak Fountain Pen

Jr Gentlemen's Fountain Pen in Sheoak and Gold Titanium

A very nice design featuring high quality components and luxurious Rhodium or Gold Titanium plated components in a well balanced and comfortable pen.

The pen is fitted with an international standard connection and a converter for use with bottled inks. The converter is easily removed if the use of disposable cartridges is preferred.

The cap cannot be "posted" (fitted to the main barrel while in use).

Provided in an attractive presentation case and with a 'story' card. Its specifications are:

One Only - You are buying the pen pictured

Sheoak (Allocasuarina fraseriana)

Colour dark red to brown with yellow sapwood and prominent medullary rays. Sheoak has been used for items such as beer barrels and roof shingles. Is now widely used for decorative woodwork, turnery and flooring. Exclusive to Western Australia in limited quantities.

Jr Gentlemen's Fountain Pen

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