Rare Tasmanian Timber Ballpoint Pen

"Executive" Pen in Tasmanian Huon Pine Timber

Beautiful Ballpoint Pen

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Executive Ballpoint Pen Beautiful Ballpoint Pen Beautiful Ballpoint Pen Beautiful Ballpoint Pen

The "Executive" ballpoint pen is our best selling design and features a very attractive contemporary styling.

They are handcrafted in Western Australia by the business owner.

The size of this design makes them equally suited to men and women alike.

Huon pine is one of the slowest-growing and longest living plants in the world. It can grow to an age of 3,000 years or more. Only the bristle-cone pine of North America lives longer. The tree is wholly protected and cannot be felled. However, wood on the forest floor remains usable and is highly prized, not least because of its sweet aroma.

With GOLD and CHROME Plated Fittings
AU $45.00 each

With TWO TONE CHROME Plated Fittings
AU $45.00 each

I am happy to make any combination of style and timber or resin to order, assuming the availability of the necessary materials. Please email us with your requirements. Our email address is shown at the top of all pages of the website.

These pens and accessories can be provided in quantities to suit corporate orders. Australian corporate clients can request a 30 day account to facilitate prompt delivery and payment by a preferred method such as direct deposit or cheque.

Handcrafted Huon Pine Ballpoint Pen Made in Western Australia

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