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Emu Leather Pen and Letter Opener Set with a Jarrah Presentation Case

Emu Leather Ballpoint Pen and Letter Opener Set

Beautiful Pen Set

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Beautiful Pen Set Beautiful Pen Set Beautiful Pen Set
Emu Leather Pen and Letter Opener Set
Jarrah Presentation Case is included
Item #1401

In Australia the Emu is now farm-bred specifically for its oil, meat, hide and feathers.
Emu leather has developed similar properties to kangaroo in relation to its strength and durability, but what makes it even more unique, is the distinct follicles evenly spread throughout its surface area

The Emu Leather in this set is dyed an attractive blue colour.

1 only avaialable
Pen and Letter Opener in Emu Leather
Jarrah Presentation Case Included
WAS $95.00 - Pay only AU $55.00

A Beautifully Crafted Set With Genuine Emu Leather

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