A Stunning Ballpoint Pen in Tuart and Luxurious Rhodium

"Jr Gentlemen's" Ballpoint Pen in Tuart Timber

Pens make fantastic gifts Beautiful Ballpoint Pen Faux Leather pen case

A very traditionally styled ballpoint pen

The pen uses a simple and reliable twist mechanism and is fitted with a Parker® style refill that is the most commonly used and most easily available refill world-wide.

Beautiful hard-wearing Rhodium plated components with gold accents.


(Eucalyptus gomphocephala)

The Tuart is protected to the extent that supplies of the timber are limited to coming from private property and forest deadfalls.

The timber is pale-yellow brown in colour and very hard, which saw it widely used in the past for wagon wheels, propeller journals, telegraph pegs and tool handles.

Tuart Timber With Rhodium Finish and
Gold Accents
AU $70.00 each

I am happy to make any combination of style and timber or resin to order, assuming the availability of the necessary materials. Please email us with your requirements. Our email address is shown at the top of all pages of the website.

These pens and accessories can be provided in quantities to suit corporate orders. Australian corporate clients can request a 30 day account to facilitate prompt delivery and payment by a preferred method such as direct deposit or cheque.

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