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Boulder Opal and 9k Gold Necklace

"Boulder Opal" is the second most prized form of opal behind Black Opal. It is usually found embedded in ironstone boulders as thin veins, and most stones are cut to include some of the host ironstone matrix to authenticate its source.

Boulder opal may also be referred to as "opal in matrix".

Like black opal, it has a dark body tone which adds vibrancy to the play of colour. Due to the thin nature of the opal veins which form in the ironstone boulders, Boulder Opals are usually cut into free form shapes to maximise the size of the stone

Solid Opal Pendant Solid Opal Pendant Solid Opal Pendant

Product Code: #1772

By "Lost Sea Opals" of Lightning Ridge NSW.

The beautiful 9k Gold link chain is 500 mm long.

The setting itself is 15 x 12 mm.

Chain and Setting are Hallmarked "375".


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