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Handmade Jewellery or General Purpose Box

Handmade Box in Australian Oak and Queensland Walnut

Personal Effects Box

Status: Available now. You will be supplied with the actual box shown.

Box Handmade by Chris Busby
in Australian Oak and Queensland Walnut

Product Code # CB105

A stunning combination of timbers, beautiful Australian Oak with a lid panel in Queensland walnut.

The decorative corner keys and lid finger grip are in Queensland Walnut.
Corner keys add strength to the mitre joint as well as adding an attractive visual feature.

The solid brass mortised butt hinges (imported from the USA) feature a built-in stop that allows the lid to remain open at 95°.

The inner base is lined with navy blue velvet. Its measurements are 245 x 150 x 75 mm high.

The box has been hand-finished using Danish oil and Carnauba wax.

Personal Effects Box
Personal Effects Box
Personal Effects Box
Personal Effects Box Personal Effects Box
Queensland Walnut (Endiandra palmerstonii)

A large rainforest tree from Northern Queensland. Despite its name, colour and appearance, it bears little botanical relation to the true walnuts of Europe and North America.

Due to its similarity in appearance to English Walnut, early settlers gave it a common name after a species they were familiar with.

Desk / Personal Effects / Utility Box
in Australian Oak and Walnut

A High Quality and Unique Desk Box - Perfect as an Executive Gift

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