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Corporate Gift Service

Business Gift Service

Looking for a special one-off piece for a respected associate or client, or hundreds of smaller items to mark a corporate milestone, special achievement, or as conference mementos? You can be assured that our high quality products will be well received and highly prized by the recipients.

All of our pieces are certain to provide years of enjoyment and appreciation, whether bought for the buyer's own use, or as a gift for a friend, loved one or a respected business associate. Australian Woodcraft Galleries have many years experience in assisting organisations to make the right impression. We have been exceeding the expectations of individuals and organisations world-wide since 2001.

We can also arrange:

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is suitable for application on most flat woodcraft. Curved surfaces and items where only very small areas are available are not suited.

One of our suppliers offers free laser engraving on his products and these items are identified across the site in their written description. This service applies only to laser engraving directly on timber. He does not provide, or engrave, plaques.

If wishing to avail yourself of this free service there are some guidelines shown below that need to be observed:

The offer applies to any customer purchasing ten or more items requiring the same image and/or text. Laser engraving is offered to 1200 dpi mechanically, and 600 dpi optically. The resulting precision engraved representation of your text, logo or emblem reinforces the potential as a gift, or as a corporate gift, promotional product, or presentation. There is no charge for any artwork providing we are supplied with artwork in accordance with our requirements (see below).

Please ensure you comply with the artwork requirements outlined below, as the software program used is orientated to an engraver, rather than desktop publishing, graphics manipulation and file conversion. Should you require assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact us.

Please ensure that the artwork you send is PC compatible and one of the following types of files:

Text to be engraved must be provided by email. Check spelling and grammar carefully, as what is provided will be used, and it is the client's responsibility to ensure that the correct text has been submitted. Pay particular attention to the spelling of names.

Items by other makers will have to be engraved by a third party, and the cost will obviously vary depending on the amount of text and the complexity of your logo or image etc. We are happy to obtain quotes for you on your engraving requirements.

Engraved Ballpoint Pen for Business Gifts

Story and/or Timber Description Cards

Another option that is available is for us to personalise small story/product description cards that we provide without charge. Please contact us to explore this option.

Lead Time

Please bear in mind that due to the individual nature of high quality craft work, you must allow sufficient time for making and delivery of larger orders. Generally, with smaller items, requirements of up to a dozen may be able to be met off the shelf.

For larger quantities, special orders will need to be placed with the suppliers. The time taken to supply larger orders can vary from maker to maker, so the more notice given the better.

Consider your requirements relating to engraving and presentation packaging at the time of selection so that these items can be accurately quoted on and arranged for, ensuring that your products can be delivered on time.

Payment Methods

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Cheques, PayPal and Direct Deposits. Cheques and direct deposits must be from Australian banks.

For corporate clients, a deposit will be required where third party services and/or customisation of products is to occur and for larger high cost orders. These requirements will be determined on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the customisation and products.

Corporate Accounts

Australian based corporate clients are welcome to apply for a 30 day account to facilitate prompt delivery and later payment by a preferred method such as direct deposit or cheque.

Australian timber gifts are welcome anywhere in the world

Payment Options

or Direct Deposit from Australian Banks