Goods are GST Free to Customers that are Located Overseas

About Australia's GST


The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a tax on most items purchased within Australia and is set at 10%. All businesses (with a few exceptions) providing goods and/or services, are obliged to add 10% to the cost of their products. The tax applies only to those goods and services intended for use within Australia.

All prices quoted on our website are in Australian dollars and include 10% GST.

Products we send overseas can be sold free of GST

Goods sold to overseas purchasers, eg. via the internet, can be provided free of GST. This situation applies to those items that we actually send overseas. It does not apply to goods delivered to anyone within Australia.

It is often the case with smaller, higher priced items, eg. some of our more elaborate jewellery boxes, that the saving on GST pays for the postage involved in us 'exporting' it.

Customers may be able to claim back their GST under the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)

On their departure from Australia, customers taking goods out that are intended as overseas gifts are able to claim a credit for the GST paid on any purchase (of at least AU$300) from the one store. All that is required as proof of purchase is a 'Tax Invoice' (our normal till receipt) that shows the supplier's ABN (Australian Business Number), that GST was paid on the goods, and how much the GST was.

A few conditions apply to the process

For more information, visit the Australian Customs page relating to the TRS using this link:

Calculating the GST

All prices shown on our web-site are inclusive of GST. As an example, a product selling for $110 contains GST of $10, ($100 + 10% = $110).

To calculate the GST component of a retail price, take one-eleventh off the retail price, eg. $110/11 = $10 GST.

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