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When we closed our Perth CBD outlet in 2009 and moved to an online operation, we continued to sell a range of pewter giftware, leather wallets and opal jewellery. It is now intended to drop these particular lines and concentrate on my own products while move into semi-retirement. These specials can be seen under the "Super Specials" link above. Once gone, they will not be restocked.

Product Lines to Clear - Leathergoods, Pewter Figurines & Opal Jewellery

My Boxes

My range of boxes suit all sorts of purposes including the storage of jewellery, document boxes for desk tops, and smaller trinket boxes etc. My boxes are made from high quality and beautiful Australian timbers. Being in Western Australia, the iconic hardwood Jarrah features prominently. This richly coloured wood is one of Australia's favourite timbers and is widely used in fine furniture and craft work.

Large Jarrah Jewellery Box
with two removable trays
Trinket box in Jarrah and Australian Oak
General Purpose box
Australian Oak and Walnut
Valet Tray in Jarrah
Valet tray in Jarrah
with decorative corner keys

My Pens

I make a wide range of writing instruments that include ballpoint and rollerball style pens as well as fountain pens. The beautiful timbers and vibrant resin bodies I use are complemented by components that frequently feature precious metals such as rhodium, titanium and platinum.

'Chairman' Fountain Pen in leather
rhodium and gold titanium
'Imperial' Rollerball Pen in Cobalt resin
rhodium and 22k gold
'Executive' Ballpoint pen
In York Gum Burl, chrome and gold


Because of workshop activity the most
reliable way to contact me is by email.

Payment Options

or Direct Deposit from Australian Banks

Tel: 0466 533 269

Because of workshop activity the most
reliable way to contact me is by email.